• Karen Markgraf

Monkeys, Elephants and Crocs! Preschool Clay Classes at the Bryn Du Art Center in Granville

I love working with kids and kids love working with clay! It's the most natural thing to squish, poke, tear and smoosh pieces of clay together! It doesn't really matter what you end up with- it's the process that makes an impact. In the #mommyandmeclay class it all starts with a story or a song. After that, the clay is out and the kids are free to explore their reaction and ideas about the story, or just explore what happens when you do this or that to the clay. After a bit, we do move on to a class project related to the story so that they can begin learning some of the lingo and processes that are used in ceramics- like coils, pinch pot, slab, slip and score. This ensures that they do have some things that survive the drying and firing- and they build up their skills so they can continue to explore all the great ideas that pop into their heads. It's pretty cool for them to see the bright shiny colors and the hard surfaces that result once their projects are fired. Also, they can use their finished projects later to revisit the story or make new stories of their own! The moms (or grandmas and caregivers) have fun too! Sometimes they assist and often they do a little squishing and poking for themselves!

My preschool Mommy and Me Storybook Clay classes are being offered at the Bryn Du Art Center in Granville. The classes run in 4 week sessions and take place on Wednesday- one in the morning from 9:30-10-:45 and in the afternoon from 1-2:15. If you know any families who might enjoy this, please spread the word! Also check in to the Art Center website to see my other class offerings for all ages as well as a great lineup of classes by other instructors.

Visit www.bryndu.com/artcenter to register!

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